los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

The best flamenco singers of all time

What do the greatest flamenco singers in Andalucia all have in common?

There are not five, or ten, or twenty. The best spanish flamenco singers of all time cannot be limited to a numbered list because, since this art emerged, there have been many great flamenco singers who have managed to use their voices to penetrate deeply into the hearts of those who listened to them.

Only with their voices, the great flamenco singers activate the springs pure emotion. Throughout the history of flamenco, there have been many who have exalted their names at the top of this art that has managed to conquer hearts..

Who were the best male flamenco singers of all time?

Not all of them are on the list, but these ones are a starting point to delve into the most valued heritage of flamenco singing..

El Nitri, Master of La Siguiriya

Compared to other figures, we do not have much documentation about this gypsy singer. We know his full name: Tomás Francisco Lázaro de la Santa Trinidad Ortega López, which is not short. Experts call him an “exceptional artist” and say that “he was a great figure of his time.”

El Nitri, uno de los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

Manuel Vallejo, en

His real name was Manuel Jiménez Martínez de Pinillos. He was born in Seville on 15 October 1891. Vallejo knew how to interpret all styles and his popularity was high in the era of “operatic flamenco.” He sang everything well, but he was a genius at interpreting Siguiriya and Bulería, and he was also a masterful dancer. He recorded 123 discs, and was very influential for flamenco in Seville.

Manuel Vallejo, uno de los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

Antonio Mairena, flamenco heritage

Born in Mairena de Alcor in 1912, Antonio Cruz García dedicates himself to recovering styles that had been lost, adapting them to new times and new fans. This work earned him the most important award among flamenco singers: the Llave de Oro del Cante (The Golden Song Key), in 1962.

Antonio Mairena, uno de los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

Camarón de la Isla, the legend

Camarón de la Isla, José Monje, is an essential name in understanding the cante jondo of the second half of the 20th century. He is considered one of the best singers of all time and, in the opinion of many, a revolutionary singer who contributed, along with Enrique Morente, to the rebirth of a genre that was going through a serious crisis, transforming it from within while respecting its fundamental essence.

Camaron de la isla, uno de los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

Fosforito, the prolific creator

Antonio Fernández Díaz, or Fosforito, was born in Puente Genil in 1932. He is considered one of the masters of twentieth-century singing. He began to sing when he was very young, but his great leap forward took place at the First National Contest of Flamenco Art in Córdoba.

All these lives have enhanced the flamenco heritage, enriched also by many other sources. Today, we are lucky to be able to enjoy all this art with centuries-old roots in the same places where they germinated: on a tablao stage like that of our tablao flamenco El Arenal in Seville, to feel the purest flamenco art live through a Flamenco show in Seville unique in the world. Experience the “most genuine and deep feeling song” that has conquered fans from all corners of the planet.

fosforito, uno de los mejores cantaores de flamenco de todos los tiempos

And if you are passionate about flamenco art, in our next article you can learn more about flamenco singing style.


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