cante flamenco en sevilla

Flamenco singing in Seville: naked emotion

A handful of beautiful words give names to the different styles of flamenco singing in Sevilla: seguiriya, soleá, tiento, bambera, bulería, cabales, galeras, garrotín, martinete, guilianas, marianas, nanas, romances, rumbas, sevillanas, tangos, tientos or cantillas. Various singing that starts from the same origin: from the most jondo (profound) of human feeling, something is capable of shaking the foundations of emotion.

This flamenco, an intangible heritage of humanity, is surrounded by the mystery of its origin, which the experts locate geographically in the triangle formed by Seville, Jerez and Cádiz, and whose remotest germ could be found in the oldest civilization that inhabited Andalusia, the Tartessian, that gave enormous appreciation to the culture and concretely to the music and the dance.

cante flamenco en sevilla tablao el arenal

To speak of the greatness of flamenco is to make great gypsy artists, who for centuries have been enlarging this art full of tear and passion.

Flamenco singing in Seville: the tablaos (wooden platform) of joy and enchantment

Flamenco is universal, as is Triana, the most famous neighborhood in Seville that has produced great figures of flamenco: Antoñita Colomé, Curro Vélez, El Marchena, La Perla de Triana, Naranjito de Triana and many other trianerosthat have contributed to writing the flamenco history.

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, Triana was the undisputed neuralgic center of flamenco singing in Seville, around which family gatherings and friends’ meetings were held, which would be the origin of the public spectacles that we know today.

To live flamenco singing in Seville means enjoying it in its natural setting. To do it in flamencotablaois, also, to contemplate it in its total exposure.

With flamenco singing in Seville, excitement is served.

Booking tickets for flamenco singing shows in Seville


  • 39per person
    • Enjoy the flamenco show at Tablao El Arenal.
    • Includes a drink.


  • 62per person
    • Cold tapas menu.
    • Hot tapas menu.
    • Drink
    • Dessert


  • 75per person
    • Menu à la carte.
    • 5 main courses.
    • 7 second courses.
    • 5 desserts.
    • Drink.

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