We are flamenco by tradition

espectáculo flamenco en sevilla

We are flamenco by tradition and we transmit
the legacy of flamenco purity offering a show
full of truth and tradition.

It’s a flamenco tailored to those who really want to know traditional flamenco
and its most authentic roots, with 15 artists –cantaores, guitarists, bailaores and bailaoras-
who have flamenco in their blood and perform the Flamenco Art with passion, purity and intensity.

Tablao El Arenal

It is the ideal place where flamenco artists create this art. Each of them expresses in his own way, through the different flamenco styles, this wonderful artistic expression.


Through their deep way of singing (cante jondo) and the lyrics, they describe moments of pain, passion, sorrow and joy.


The dancers use their whole body to express each different emotion.


In Seville, in the Tablao El Arenal, the emotions of the artists flow every night in a different and unique way.


Antonio Castro

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